Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oh Linn County Conservation, do you know your animals????

Few weeks ago, Linn County Conservation tried telling us that there were no cougars in our area and the horrific blood curdling calls we heard were just two coons fighting. 

I'm confused now.....
Guess the neighbor that had to put down a horse due to it's injuries got attacked by a pack of coons then?  Or that all the web sites with sound bites have them labeled wrong, what is supposed to be a cougar is actually coon's fighting?

I'm glad none of our local officials took part in this study!

Later gators...


Anonymous said...

The Linn County Conservation staff is very knowledgeable in identifying animals.  However, identifying an animal based on sound the staff has never heard can be difficult.  The staff did suggest that it could be a bobcat or mountain lion, although less likely.  We did our best in trying to identify the animal by providing sound examples.  We hope that your animals remain safe. 
Kari Lammer,
Community Outreach Manager
Linn County Conservation

Cindy said...

Interesting--they said, per my emails that I just reread, that yes it could be but most likely was not, kept trying to convince it was coons, yet talking to neighbors and others in the area that they too asked the LCC about possible mt lions and were told that there were none in the area? Um, local dairy caught it on their night cam as it was harrassing cows earlier this year.

I guess we were just a little dismayed at the lack of help offered to figure this out--we did loose some stock during this event.