Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tentative Corgi Frap aka Puppy Party aka what was I thinking?

First off, Hubby, I haven't passed this through you for approval but figured I'd throw this out for thought to everyone. 

I hadn't set a date for our annual Iowa Corgi Frap yet.  So much going on, honestly, I forgot.

So looking at the calendar, taking into consideration we aren't battling county fair this year(it's two weeks earlier now), when will puppies be old enough to leave the nest and when we don't have anything else going on, the following options have opened up......

July 14th-Saturday. 
July 21st-Saturday.

So chime in please!  The 15th we are off to a poultry show, so not sure if we have to be there the night before for check in or not, but we can work around it.  That weekend the Blues Clues kids are 10 weeks old an ready to head out and it would be awesome to have a puppy party with all our friends coming.

Let me know what might work -- as usual it's all you can eat home grown BBQ chicken, watermelon, sweet corn and drinks.  I expect everyone else to bring along something to statisfy my sweet tooth(um that would be apple pie please Pete!) 

Later gators....


Greg K said...

Monte could be able to make a 14th FRAP!

Dawn said...

July 21st for me. I have a trial the 14th