Monday, June 18, 2012

All grown up

This weekend was HOT, even hotter where the Tall Kid and I were-Missouri.  Thank goodness for a building with great A/C. 

So down in MO, Connor select both days, Cy BOW both days to single out and Loki was RWD(though everyone outside the ring said he should have had it) and WD/BOW for his first points!  He's getting better and better each show and had a wonderful first road trip with us.  He'll be back out in August.

Cy aka Baby aka goofy ball, now needs his majors which are a pain in the ass to find now.  Might not get those till he heads either back to MO or MN over the next couple of months.  Bugger when no one enters.

BUT..... about being a grown up?   Hubby and the Ms stayed at home because she had a 4-H horse show and poultry clinic on Saturday.  The grown up of the bunch?  Torey.  Yes I wrote that correctly, the 1000# golden retriever is finally coming into his own. 

I didn't know till we pulled in the drive last night and the Ms ran up to me with a trophy!  1st place in aged gelding halter!! WOW!  She said he gaited out, stopped, squared and stood like a statue.  She wasn't sure if it was her horse or some had transplanted a new brain in her's.   I'm so happy for her!

But on the other hand, rude parents and guardians of other kids really ruined the riding portion of the show for a lot of others.  I understand this is a fun show, but it's getting ready for the real thing.  It's totally unfair to be yelling out instructions to riders from outside the ring, allowing them to run up and spook other horses and then place them in the classes, when a few other kids for the safety of it all, stayed out of trouble and had horses that did what was asked.

So how about growing up yourself?  Train outside the ring and use  the fun show for really life experience on doing it on your own.  Hubby's still pissed at the antics that went on, because it ruined it for a lot of others.  Ugh.

Anyway, I'll try to have puppy photos tomorrow--they are soooo big now!!

Later gators...

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Liz said...

How wonderful for Ms! I have to say that when Erin was horse showing and tried a few 4-H shows (not being a member) we found it to be just as cut throat as the other B and A rates shows, just in a different way.