Friday, June 1, 2012

Pupdate aka Foto Friday

I'm being blasted from all sides for new photos of the babies--sorry!  With the heat last weekend, now record cold and meetings, it's been hard to get good light to get photos.  Tonight we'll do official 4 week photos but till then, how about some candids?

Malcom with a face full of yummy puppy gruel
 Ms Kaylee, what a doll!  Both her eyes will be bright clear blue like her pappa.
 Left-Jayne, the pig.  Middle-Wash, isn't the tongue cute? The head? That's River and the butt? That's Malcom again.
 The blue crew-Kaylee and Wash.
 Food comas-Malcom prefers the belly up sleeping position.
 Jayne and Wash. 
 The perfect Kaylee.
 And that's her opinion on the whole photo session.
 Caught mid arooo, howl.  Yeap, Wash is his daddy.
 Group photo as best as can be done with this bunch.  Lower left Mal, then clockwise, Wash, River behind Kaylee and lastly the hunky Jayne.
 And Jayne.....
 And Jayne....
Later gators...

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Dawn said...

THANK YOU! I love them all!