Friday, June 1, 2012

Release the Qwackin!!!!!

The Ms is a proud duck owner, breeder, what ever you want to call us. 

We've had the Ancona hens in a seperate run for about a month or two- chocolate hen, white hen and Pip-the lavender hen.  Originally the 3 yr old black drake and chocolate drake were with them and the girls laid eggs in a communal nest.  The chocolate hen decided to be the designated brooder and has been sitting for about a month now.  We took the drakes out at that point too, so it's just the 3 girls.

When our unique wild animal issues started up, we mysteriously lost our chocolate drake-found dead in the yard one morning after the blood curdling cat screams started.  For those interested, the chocolate color is sex linked recessive.  We were really praying for chocolates this year and now with loosing him, hopes were dashed.  Or so we thought!

See what the Ms found last night???
8 new ducklings and 8-10 more eggs left to hatch out!  The count, we think, is 4 blacks, 2 lavenders and maybe 2 chocolates!!!!  Guess he wasn't a dud after all!

We'll keep you posted on the count over the weekend, hope to have a few more hatched out.  Which then leads me to post that in August, we'll sort what we have and put up a sale list for the Anconas!!! Wooo Hooo!!!
Later gators...

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