Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why? Why? Why?

I've been doing obedience training now for ages it seems.  I'm still struck dumb when an adult dog walks into my class and has no respect for it's owners, plays mind games and in general gets away with CRAP! 

Why is it that you get a dog and then do nothing?  Why do you find it acceptable to let your dog get away with all kinds of crap yet your child is the model of a perfect well behaved child? You go out and get help for your child-tutors, daycare, doctors, etc.  Every thing needed to make sure your child has it "good".  Yet your animal is left in a kennel, maybe goes to the vet once a year, has no training or you don't even think to go find someone to help you train your dog? Why is it considered required that your child speak only when spoken to, says please, thank you and is a pleasure to be around.  Yet your dog jumps on me, fights the leash, refuses to be polite, is rude and in your face?

People often ask me why my dogs are so well behaved, how can my dog be just like yours?  Because I expect them to behave and do as I ask and I help them to become the dog I want them to be.  I expect no less of them then my children.  My kids got taught right from wrong, how to be polite and if they weren't behaving, time outs and staying home till they did behave.  Overall, I helped them to be the wonderful adults they are all growing into.  But it takes time, commitment and love.  Why can't you do the same for your pet? 

A perfect pet is only as good as the person on the other end of the leash.

Later gators....

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