Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One more time with feeling?

It’s hard to believe but County Fair is next week! That’s two weeks earlier than ever, well they decided to make it a part of the Freedom Festival in Cedar Rapids. With that, it’s another end to my yearly 4-H dog obedience/agility/showmanship classes. It frees up a night during the week, but I miss working with the kids. Some of them have become close friends and it’s always amazing to see the transformations over time.

But next week is also chaos week. Starts with static exhibits for the Ms-visual arts project, rocket and I think she has a couple of hort entries too.

Then the next day is the dog show-that means Pete, Eddie and Lace have to be all primped and cleaned up for the show.

Back to work for a day to try to close out the month.

Saturday is super crazy-draft horse pull which the Hubby works, bring up Clyde for demos. Meanwhile the Ms and I are wrangling ducks and chickens to head up for poultry check in and quiz bowl.

Sunday-poultry show. Then somehow after clean up of the poultry show, we have to head home and reload for the horse show on Monday. Somewhere in there we have to clip and bath two horses-AHAHAHAHAH

Then it’s over. That’s the worst part, we are relieved it’s over, but can’t wait for another year!

Later gators....

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