Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday musings

So I'm surfing at lunch and find it interesting when people post on their websites that their dogs are "ch" when we all know that they aren't yet?  Just interesting to note.

Also another beef of mine that's well known, seriously, if you have a website, either make it generic or keep it updated!  One that I ran across has show results from two years ago, but nothing current-I know the person has been regularly showing.  But they also have announcements of winter litters--last year, not updated, though photos on another page of available puppies-from 5 weeks ago.  Either keep up on it or make it generic people!  Or even better, get it off the web.

Another musing, the debate on taking Cy to the shows this weekend.  He's singled out, why show him if he just needs his majors?  I think I had this discussion just on Monday with someone.  Granted it's fun to show but you know, it's also nice to let other's have their day in the sun.  If you're not sure on how many points, then I say yes, sure, keep them in for a show or two.  But don't enter if you know it's not going to be majors. 

On the other hand, I've paid my entry fee not knowing the dog would be singled out by now, I have a right to show, don't I?  Yeap, and since we are going anyway, why not take him along and show anyway? 

Debate, debate, debate.  Then again it's one less dog to bath and groom all weekend long!  The less I have to do the better, I can just sit ring side in my jeans and watch Alec show.

Last but definately not least in this rambling post--Shelley, can you send some rain down here?

Later gators....


Unknown said...

Sooooo....does this mean someone will be there to catch you actually SITTING?!?!? LOL!

Cindy said...

Gosh, just might happen this time around!