Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Busy busy week around here.  I have to thank the Hubby for helping out the Tall Kid with 6 1/2 week photos. 

First up, River.  Yes, fluff.  And no, I'm not going to follow the trend that seems to common these days and say she's just "coated".  Call it like it is folks or get the heck out of dodge.  But beyond that, the little gremlin has really stolen a lot of hearts and proven she was worth all that hard work-what a diamond in the "fluff".

 Next, the precocious little imp called Kaylee.  She's a fearless, frapping fool.  Tail wags all the time and she has not meet anything she doesn't like.  Have fun with th is one Karen!

 Jayne.  One. Big. Boy.  What a hoot and what a talker.  He's headed to Nebraska in a few weeks.

 Then there's Wash.  7 lbs(River is only 4).  He takes his time with just about everything, is a lovely structured dog and I can not wait to see him in the show ring!  Watch our Red Dogs, there's a new blue in town!
 Lastly, but definately not leastly, Malcom.  He's hanging out here to grow out some.  I love, love, love his head and face(same can be said for the character he's named after :)) I can not wait for those ears to come up, you'll love the surprise underneath them.

Candids tomorrow!
Later gators....


Unknown said...

:-)))))))))) See this smile? You just put it there.......

Greg K said...

Ohhhhhh myyyyy gossshhhhhh... I seriously cannot get enough Edlets in my life! They're adorable.

I guess it's a good thing that Monte is practically a b&w Eddie Jr or I'd have to get another pup to get my Eddie quota!