Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend round up

So as you noticed, the weekend started early with Ag in the Park on Friday.  I also washed a 100 lb akita who was having none of it.  Ended the day with a great chicken, bacon, ranch pizza from Casey's. 

Saturday was errands-like plant errands.  Did I have fun or what in our first official outing of the season.  We didn't get much but some new herbs for the raised bed, couple new hostas, lupines from the Brucemore plant sale and couple of nice annuals for the pots.

Alec was down in the Quad Cities for a show, nothing interesting but a great day for Loki the akita who is just starting out his championship quest.  No points, but a good day for him as he's still learning the ins and outs of the shows.

Sunday bright and early, headed back to the shows with the collies, Grandma Phoebe and Loki.  The Ms was doing juniors with Connor, we pulled him in breed because, well, he's naked.  Cy then got the BOV and a chance to go in group for the experience.  Loki got WD but no points as the major wasn't made so all but three dogs in the entire entry made it.  What a bummer, but he was a good boy about it all, even getting goofy on the table.  

Best news though.......... the Ms and Connor took Best Junior in Show!!!!!   WOW!!!!  We are super excited as they are a green team just starting out together.  He looked great and loves the kid.  She's still beaming and planning on what to buy with her gift card prize.

And that is the weekend round up!  I need to go back to work to rest up!  'Cause this week is a meeting or event each night then I have special guests coming to visit.

WHICH......for anyone interested, we are going to have a bonfire on Saturday night.  Few doggy friends, few horsey friends over for a nice fire, some great local wines and I think just finger food.  Oh of course smores done by the Ms.  Can't have a fire with out gooey marshmellows and melted chocolate!  

Bonfire and Wine---6ish till we run out of wood.  Bring a lawn chair, finger food and if you want to share a bottle of local wine, bring it along.  I've got a few I've stocked up on that I'm dying to open.  

If it looks like rain, we'll be inside, maybe watching a movie.  Dogs welcome!  Bring a friend or the kids.  I'm more then certain there's going to be lots to keep them occupied.

Later gators...

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