Monday, May 14, 2012

Ag In The Park

Friday was the annual Ag In The Park event sponsored by the local FFA chapters-Alburnett, North Linn, Central City, and Linn Mar. 

The dogs-Moose, Pete, Lace and the babies-Penny and Chalice, trouped up to the fair grounds to help out.  I also managed to grab an ancona drake, Buffy the brahma rooster and the ducklings.  Oh and the ugly duckling aka the gosling. 

Every year as a representative of our AKC all breed club, through the K9Ambassadors program, is teach dog safety tips to the kids attending.  Ends up being 800 to a 1000 kids are reached each year.  We also do a little dog agility demo and then the kids get to practice what we've taught and pet the dogs. 

Lace is all about this and loves to show off.  Moose was cool as long as they rubbed his tummy.  Pete loved the kids in the strollers and the babies got to play in the arena and on the equipment. 

Though I came home feeling like I had been through a wind storm with dust in ever little nook of my body and up my nose, it was a blast as usual.  Watch for photos of Lace doing her agility demo in the Marion Times this week! 

Oh and the gosling?  Heehee, she's now got a name.  The kids in the poultry demo area had her out on their laps for the kids to pet all day.  Her new name?   Sparkles, but of course!

Later gators...

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