Monday, May 14, 2012

Holy Cow, er, Corgi! No wait, Collie!

First an apology.  I've been taking down bad links on my blog list, both on here and on the website. But in the middle of doing so, had to shut down the computer, got distracted and never got back to it.  Sorry 'bout that folks.  I think I've got the ones I needed to change done and added the couple I wanted.  Still working on the website-something about ducklings not shutting up and the headache getting worse and just plain giving up!

So what's been happening around here, more so then the typical chaos?  Lots of good, some bad, little weird and a bunch O' Great!

Bad-Cora layed on another puppy Thursday night.  I've been depressed all week about loosing the others but this one just made me mad.  Karen and I talked and what I found was that Cora was being careless with her body, kind of just throwing herself down in the middle to the puppies instead of what we both consider typical, gently curling around them and nudging them to the center, etc.  I'm now sleeping or lack of sleeping with her at night, she's not in with the pups unless someone can keep an eagle eye on her and all is now back to a state of some sort of order.  The boy we called Hawkeye was the one we lost.  The good part, Tiny is finally gaining and looking so much better.  It will take her awhile to catch up with her siblings but she's got tons of fight and spunk in her. 

A few photos of the troupe.....

This is how I always find this boy, it's like his mother's butt is his personal lazy boy!

Top - mismark male, then Tiny drapped over her b/w brother.  Next is the blue girl and last but not least her blue brother.

Now you see me, now you don't!   Yes, Tiny has a fascination with crawling up shirt sleeves and pant legs. 

Later gators...


Dawn said...

DAMN! he was such a handsome boy.

Cindy said...

Damn was not the word I used at the time, but it is appropriate! Oh well, a certain harlequin boy is over a lb as of last night.