Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The babies are now 11 days old and finally everyone has doubled their birth weights!!!  That includes Ms Tiny.  She weighed in at a ,big for her, 9 1/2 oz this morning.  Now this could possibly be due to the observation that she is the last to leave the milk bar, systematically going from the last stool to the very front one, making sure the glasses are all empty. 

The boys, aka Hugo and Hefty, with would the mismark and harlequin, are well over a lb as of Sunday night's weigh in, with little brother, Harvey almost there.

Ears are starting to open and the eye slits are becoming more pronouced.  I have a feeling when Dawn is here this weekend that she'll get to see those pretty eyes for the first time.  Though I must admit, I'm really drawn to the blue girl's white eyelashes.  They are soooo long, just like Daddy's.

What I am most happy about right now is that all the babies have their feet under themselves and are on their toes scrambling around the whelping box.  It was a big worry for me after Eddie's first litter had swimmers, but that's now not a worry.

I'll try to have more photos tomorrow!

Reminder- everyone's welcome, especially if you enjoy good conversation, a tasty wine and roaring fire on Saturday night!   6ish till the wood is gone, or the wine?  If it rains, we'll move inside and watch a movie or just sit around the table talking till the wee hours.  Bring a friend-four or two footed.  Finger food, though I plan on stocking up on a few local favorites at Farmer's Market and Houby Days.

Later gators....

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