Monday, May 21, 2012

Two weeks old

Between week one and two, it's amazing how much puppies change.  Ears are open, some mock blind fighting is going on as no one but a special little girl has their eyes open, hearing growling and barking in the whelping area and man have their grown!   Tiny aka River, has tripled her tiny little birth weight, everyone but her is over a pound and the best part is that all are motoring around with their rears right under themselves. 
Here are some photos from yesterday....

Blue Harlequin Male
 Mismark b/w boy
 B/W boy with white ear
Now the girls.....
Blue girl

 And last but not least, Ms River(Tiny) and the first with her peepers open!
The babies had many visitors this weekend and true to form, Blue boy showed that he is his father's son and belched in Dawn's face.

Later gators.....

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Dawn said...

River has eyes! so darling!