Friday, May 18, 2012

Experimentation gone wrong

First-so sorry no photos of the babies.  Experimenting with my flash options on the camera gave me some really funky looking photos not fit for public display.  Will get two week photos with some helpers coming to visit this weekend and post those on the website.

Now to the chickens, ducks, oh my.  

I found a super deal on craigslist-nice 4x4x6 dog kennel that's portable and easy to set up.  To which I decided that it's the perfect set up with the addition of an xpen for the feathered babies to head out of the house and into the mainstream poultry yard.  Hope this experiment works! They survived their first night out and looked ready to meet the world tis morning.

Sorted out the chickens too last night.  All the layer breeds got kicked out of the chateau quack(yes chickens in the duck house, I know, totally wrong.)  What I thought was only a dozen or so, ended up being about 25 birds!   What's the saying about never count your chicks before they hatch?  But make damn well sure you do it after they do!!!  

We have one very nice buff brahma cockeral-with both wings!   A couple nice pullets, though part of the amputee batch.  And what to our wondering eyes did we find?? A white amerucana pullet!!  The Ms is ubber excited.  Couple off color amerucana crosses, maran crosses and gotta figure out what the black feather footed one is-a copper or black maran cross?  Such an interesting lot.  I can't wait for Jackie to come over Saturday to help us sort them out. 

And on that note, reminder that tomorrow night around 6ish or so, we'll start up the fire and pull out the lawn chairs.  Wine will be cooling in the ice, some nice local finger food and great conversation.  Friends, dogs, family, anyone welcome as long as you are up for some odd conversations.  Oh and I think some gladiator fights between the kids.  The Ms has a new sword she wants to try out on Michael's head. 

Later gators....

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