Thursday, May 17, 2012

The latest craze

We've been woken up right before the Tall Kid goes to work twice in the last week.  By the blood curdling scream of something big and close to the house.  Upon questioning people around us, listening to sound bites on the web, we were pretty certain that our mystery sound was a bobcat!  Ducks, chickens and anything else little is being locked up at night.

Contacted the county conservation dept and they are trying to convince me it's raccoon's fighting.  Now if you know about our adventures in the coon world, I know what they sound like and that ain't no coon noise! 

So.....another creature feature.....

Friend near us has a vineyard.  Told the Hubby today that his neighbor has found a 4" wide serpentine trail that goes back and forth from his barn to the woods.  Thinks it's a python that a townie let loose out there.  Hubby said well take advantage of it!  Make it a tourist attraction--Jonsie, the Jones County Monster. 

Just don't all the conservation dept, they'll say it's just coons.

Later gators...

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