Monday, May 21, 2012

Not to be outdone...

The "babies" have been a little put out since the arrival of the new babies.  So the girls(Dove x Monster) decided to do a little fashion shoot of their own.  The problems?  Penny's first set had Alec in a black shirt, that so does not work with a black puppy, nor does the fact that her tail never stops wagging so her back end is always a blur.  Princess, er, uh, Chalice, just wanted to spring at the toy being thrown, so always has her butt heading into the spring position. 

Penny... Penny....Penny.....

 Chalice aka Da'Princess

 I love things about both girls.  Chalice has a much nicer fill of cheset, but has longer pasterns and hocks.  Both have awesome toplines, pretty heads and very nice clean movement.  Penny needs a little more chest fill but has the shorter legs that I've been trying to get the last couple of litters.  Neither has bad tail sets.  Pretty good shoulders, Chalice has a long upper arm but her angles a little off, Penny needs a tad more length but good layback.  Funny part is that anyone who sees the two together, is immediately reaching down and picking up Chalice.  Penny feels a little left out but makes up for that by being the most vocal of the two. 

Chalice heads to Kansas to become a JayHawk fan in a few weeks.  Hope Kim is as taken with her as I am.

Later gators....

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