Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend in review

Remember that list from hell? I think I got most of it done!!

Saturday we got the chicks, all 100 or so-eeek! Had a blast with the little roo, Buffy, hanging out on my lap all morning getting petted. Someone took photos so I'll have to post those at a later date. Run home, drop chicks off, go to show.
Max was shown by Alec on Saturday and went WB and BOW for another point. 4 more to go! Liz was so happy and made the trip back to WI much more pleasant. We'll see her more after her daughter's wedding in May.

Sunday-bright and early and major ring conflicts. Connor got select all weekend, no biggy, we know why and you just make a note of what type of or color of dog to take to the judge in the future. I got to help show Treeing Walkers and looks like Alec's got a hound special to show later in the spring. He took BOB in Walkers and Plotts.

Group rolled around and well, Cara being the only pem, went and played. Shelley was so excited to see her in the big ring. But man was she excited, gaiting was good but she couldn't stand still to save her life. Bounced off Alec more then a couple of times.

Some how she managed to charm the judge, Katie Gammill, and well, um, GROUP 2!!!!!!! Behind Kent's very nice GSD. Shelley's just a little excited and Cara will be playing with us for the month of April or until she drops her coat.

I'm packed, or as best as I can for the trip this week. I know I'll forget something, like the dog???

Later gators...?

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