Monday, March 26, 2012

Apologies rampant

First apology-I have only one new photos of the babies. They move too fast and typically by the time I get where I can take a photo, they are gone in another direction. They've been playing outside with the big dogs, well, Connor and Auntie Pete. They will have their first shots when we get back from Philly next week--my vet and I have a little different time schedule on shots, due to the newer research that shows that puppies that get vaccinations too early on, can have immune issues later in life.

Here's the best photo of recent--when they are sleeping.

Second apology-this one is a proactive one, I'm sick and I pray that I don't infect the entire showsite over this week with the crap I have. It's a cold, body aches, cough. Sorry!!

Third apology-leaving my hubby with 6 week old puppies and gulp, 100 new chicks! I didn't expect to get that many!!! But we have a lot of meat birds for the freezer, the Ms has some Brahma's and maran's too!

Later gators...

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