Thursday, March 22, 2012

Puppy Picinic - it's official!

For those interested, the puppy picinic will be April 7th. Anyone is welcome as we evaluate the litter(though we have done a pre-evalution already), temperament testing and general bs'ing, eating and maybe some adult beverages.

Just RSVP so I know how many brats to put on the grill.

Later gators...


ronstew said...

Sadly, Iowa is too far.

This new blog format is much more readable. Thanks.

Ron in Vancouver, BC

Cindy said...

Oh man! Great to hear from you!!! How about a road trip??

ronstew said...

Bunch of problems with a 4000-miles-in-a-weekend road trip, one of which is that then I would have to steal Patches, and the police would have to be involved, and then I would get permanently ejected from the USA. Plus, I am hoping that a great-great-great nephew of Hughie will be born in April for me to bring home.

Fortunately, I know that you will be posting pictures. Right?

Cindy said...

But of course, photos will be plentiful!