Friday, March 23, 2012

I must be nuts

So this weekend consists of......
Run errands at lunch
Go pick up Hubby
Meet Vicki at Walmart, get 30 chicks
Go get the Ms at G'ma's
Tall Kid is getting grooming in Dubuque for about a gazillion dogs
Go home
Hope Shelley made it to our house
Let dogs out
Let dogs in
Get chicks settled
Go to Dinner with FIL and girlfriend
Go home, get things ready for tomorrow
Wash a load of laundry
Take care of puppies
Do assorted animal chores
Crash into bed

Get up at the butt crack of dawn
Let dogs out
Let dogs in
Shelley and Tall Kid off to show in Dubuque
Wrangle two chickens(Wellies and Buffy) and two or four ducks(????) into crates
Find extra xpen-what extra one?
Load up and head to Barnyard Days at the bank on the FAR side of town
Oh fudge, forgot, load up Pete and Moose
2 hours of holding poultry and making sure Moose doesn't wander off.
Run to Marion, get more chicks
Take all chicks home, put in brooder
Unload chickens and ducks
Turn around, go to Dubuque
Fudge, go home and get show clothes(I have to help in group)
Hubby drops us at show site, runs his errands in town
Walk to Bluff Street, get TEA. MUST HAVE TEA!

I'm not even sure I'll make it to Sunday!

Head to PA, Collie Nationals here we come. God willing...

Later gators...

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