Friday, March 16, 2012

Coming soon to a pond near you!

Back in January I made contact with a lovely gracious woman in FL who offered to send me some indian runner eggs. Not just any eggs mind you, but penciled eggs! They arrived towards the middle of February. Of the eggs sent, 3 were broken(we learned a little about shipping eggs) and that left 7.

I have a nice easy to use incubator and set it up in the study. It has it's own rotator, thank goodness and has been used successfully by someone else for chick hatches. We added the 7 eggs, set up the humidity trays and plugged it all in.

I candled the eggs last night, as by some figures, they should hatch in the next 3-4 days. We also took them off the rotator. Of the 7, looks like the Ms should be expecting 3 for sure, with one more that might be a day or two later then the rest. Not bad for a first hatch.

Now I've got the bug and ready to try something else!!! But no, wait, brooders are cleaned out because next weekend, we pick up the bank's spring hatches-ugh. Not just the three branches from last year--all the Linn Cty locations. I'm going to be overrun with chicks again and I'm leaving my lovely hubby with them for a week. Heehee.

Later gators...

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