Wednesday, March 14, 2012

4 week photos

Between chicken wrangling, 4-H classes and trying to get ahold before we leave for a week, look! We managed 4 week photos. As I termed it to my assistant, the Ms, no squishy puppies. Well, some of them are still squishy but I'd say, not to darn bad for the first official stacked photos!

Ringer-black and white male, brindle pointed

Mr Bates-brindle male, comedian, goof ball, always on his back getting attacked by his sisters.

Annamae-dark brindle girl. Very sweet, always causing trouble.

Splash-black brindle girl with a little attitude added for fun.

And last but not least, Ms Chalice. Lovely lines, nice brindle with a little red shading.

Already the pro at stacking!

What I'm loving about these guys is the consistenancy. We also got more bone, which we needed, nice typy heads, good rears(really nice rears to be honest). Depth of chest is pretty good as are the shoulder laybacks and length. Right now the length through the body is coming in like it should. I really hate to see long puppies before 4 to 5 weeks, those tend to be too long in the end.

What I would like to see more of? A couple of pups need a little more chest, couple need a little more neck--I'm a neck fanatic. But the balance is there in most. Annamae has a little higher tail set--we figured that might crop up. Still not sure if Ringer is a fluff or not, love it if none of them are!

So let me know what you think!!! Remember, first stacking photos kind of throw some of their angles off, but you get an idea.

Later gators...

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