Monday, March 12, 2012

Gone to the birds...

Photo heavy warning!

Well, this weekend Jackie and Michael came over and took the cayuga ducks and also grabbed the two Welsummer roos. Little quieter out in the poultry yard, leaving me Mr Roadrunner(Ancona Roo), the American and Buffy the prehistoric Buff Brahma roo. Girls are much happier.

But in order to get the ducks then the chickens, we needed the help of the handy dandy herding
dog named Moose.

Let's just say you don't herd chickens. There is not title for it and I understand why, but don't tell that to Moose. He does an awesome job of it. The ducks headed for the pond, I said no swimming, therefore his job turned to the flock on land. I might also add, in the entire two times he went in with us(Sat and Sun), he never ever once thought about putting a paw or tooth on any of the birds! But man does he have a stare down that will make mountains move.

I'm still looking for someone willing to work with him in herding and put some titles on him. He's not doing 4-H this year and other then getting his CD this spring(yes I'm going to try again), he needs a job!! Give me a jingle and we'll talk!

This is Buffy the brahma--wondering if he will ever grow into his legs! Jackie assured me, a few more months and he'll look grand. Let's hope he looks good for the shows in June!

Please ignore the construction zone. Reglazing the windows and general clean up after winter going on. And fixing the entrance door. And laying gravel for the new Chateau Quack(to the left), and...and....It was mighty hard to get him to stop, he wanted to keep moving them around and around. He also kept going to the duck-a-loos and walking in on the salmon Americana hen who was sitting on a pile of eggs. Not an issue at all about going in and shooing her out.

That'll do Moose, that'll do.

Later gators...

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