Friday, February 17, 2012

weekly round up

This is a muttled post trying to catch up on the weeks events, pass on some information and give shout outs to a few great people!

First off wanted to send healing vibes to Kathy and Kim. Little birdy passed on that things were a little rocky the last few days. Let me know if there's anything we can do from up here.

Gerbils, er, uh, puppies are doing great. Continue to gain 2-3 oz a day. Poor Dove looks like they are sucking the life out of her. Picky eater as she is, she's just maintaining herself which means I'm road tripping it to IC for some Honest Kitchen, will pull a couple of the chickens out of the freezer and makes some more broth and stuff for her. I'm also having fun picking on the pups. Did you know if you scratch them behind the ear, they start reaching up to scratch that itch with their back legs. Then they get all pissy when you quit!

Alec's in Des Moines with Connor for the Central Iowa specialties. Hoping things all go well for him and the blonde dog. Last night we were watching the Big Bang-one of the funniest episodes I've watched. I was doubled over laughing, Connor got way too excited and it ended with me having a 10 min giggle fit with an 85 lb collie dog bouncing on my lap and head butting me. Silly boy.

Rebecca came all the way over from PA for the show this weekend, so between grooming hairy collie dogs and showing, she's got the gang all mustered to paint wooden shoes.
Yes you read that right, wooden shoes. The theme this year for the Collie National is Pennsylvania Dutch-hex signs, wooden shoes and tulips. I sent along the paint for the shoe project, have to find some tulip garland this weekend and then I have another list of things that Rebecca needs me to get. I can't wait!!! This is our first Collie National and I can't wait!!!

What else, what else? Besides tulip shopping, it's a cleaning weekend. We've got great weather coming up which I'm hoping means no wind so we can burn. Lots of clean up to do-chickens, ducks, dogs and I'm itching for it to start greening up--is it too early for that?

I'm anxiously awaiting a package in the mail. Someone's sending me runner eggs! Hoping either Mrs Roadrunner can hatch them out or that I get that inncubator today. Can't wait!

Speaking of mail, yes Pam I do still have something sitting on the table to send you. It's a matter of packaging and I thought I had it all figured out. I didn't. This weekend, I promise.

Oh forgot. Steve, if you happen to catch this today, I do have a FB account but am very very rarely on it. I really do want to talk to you, so follow the links on the side bar to the website and my email and other contact info is on there. As noted above, I'm not at the shows this weekend and would really like to catch up with you!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Later gators...


Sharrie said...

That episode of Big Bang was the best laugh I had had in a long time,too. What a hoot!

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Thanks, Cindy. We seem to be back to neutral. Kathy will recover completely. Congrats on your litter of beautiful babies!