Thursday, February 16, 2012


Woo hoo! The "gerbils" all cracked a pound at today's weigh in! Well, the big brindle boy was there yesterday, but the rest caught up with him. They are motating all over the whelping pool, even standing up on their toes when the buffet comes to visit. They want that prime eating spot.

We usually have a nickname for the litter(other then the theme). The 12 Abbey x Russ kids were the Dirty Dozen. Russ' litter was the Six Pack and ended up with an alcohol theme. The Eddie x Merlot kids were and still are the Monsters. This time around, not sure what to call these guys yet. Dove's covey? We'll just have to wait and see what kind of chaos they cause. But for now, they just look like gerbils.

Later gators....

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Scott said...

Dove's chocolates?