Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First photo session

Now a few things to mention....I'm not a professional! And it's my trusty digital where the flash has issues, but for the most part, I think you'll be happy with the results. All the puppies are gaining well with our brindle boy being the first to crack 1 lb!!! Hum, 3 days old? WOW! Couple other things, the lighting is also a little weird because of where the pups are at in the master bath. We keep the lighting low, not a lot of bright lights, making it very den'ish for the mom.

So here we go.....

Two girls-left is Chalice and right is Splash. Right side Splash(black/white or black brindle female)
Splash-left side
Splash head shot
Chalice-right side(brindle female)
Chalice-head shot
Brindle girl-left side

Brindle Girl-head shot

Now for the boys....

Ringer-black and white male right side

Ringer-head shot

BIG brindle boy-right side

Brindle boy-head shot

I'm going to work on getting the website page updated tonight or tomorrow. That's if I can pull myself out of the whelping pool! The Ms did mention that she's officially been the first one christened by the pups-her hoody got pee'd on. And tomorrow, their first road trip to Doc's for dewclaw removal.

Later gators...

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