Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Live and learn

We lost one of the black and white boys yesterday. Not exactly sure the cause but thinking it might have been some sort of infection from aspirating something or a defect. What ever the cause, you can't dwell on it. As I was talking with Kim this morning, I said you have to learn from it and move on. If you dwell on any aspect of breeding, you have no reason to be doing so.

On a lighter note, Dove has broken her hunger strike. Always the picky eater, this has been an up hill battle all through out. So I hand feed her the grossest stuff last night. Knowing she hates sweet, we got Greek yogurt as it's tangy. Some Ensure. And lastly, 1/2 a can of her favorite Pro Plan canned food. Mix it all together and hand feed-oh it was soooo gross. But she ate. And this morning caught her with her head buried in the food bowl of kibble and wet food, licking it clean.

The rest of the hoard is doing well. All have gained 1-2 oz in the last 24 hours and I suspect that they will hit the 1 lb mark before they are a week old. The Ms already has her favorite, the big brindle girl we call Chalice(have to see her markings to understand).

The litter theme this time around is Scary Thoughts. We don't have call names yet other then b/w boy, big brindle girl, shoulder splash girl, brindle boy and Chalice. Those will come as their personalities come out.

Registered name options are: Bump In The Night, Something's Under The Bed, Monsters In The Closet, Monster Mash, Fright Night, Scared Out Of Yur Wits, Too Scared To Sleep, Running Scared, and Green Eyed Monster.

If you have any other good suggestions, let me know. I couldn't convince the kids to use a Grammy theme since that's the day they were born. Oh do I have some good ones for that--I'll have to save them for down the road. Pete's litter already has a theme as does Eddie x Cora. Hum, wonder who I can use it on?

Later gator....


penni said...

Scary things should include "The Tax Man", don't you think?

Cindy said...

Oh I like that one!!!