Monday, February 20, 2012

Trimming trees

I did not take my camera, but will the next trip. We spent Sunday morning at a local greenhouse/garden center/orchard, helping the current owner figure out what was what. Basically, the owner's daughter is trying to get the place cleaned up and ready for sale. Her parents closed it in 2003, literally shut the lights off, locked the door, and left it as is. And for those of you who know, I spent about 15 years in the landscape and garden center industry, so this was AMAZING for me to wander through.

So we talked about how to trim the fruit trees, wandered the now defunct greenhouses, talked about the old coal fired boilers and opened door upon door with stacks of clay pots, upon clay pots. I'm hoping we can get some of the usable materials to the local community college horticultre program as well as set up an auction/tag sale in the near future.

I hurt today-back, arms and shoulders. I've got to go get my wrist checked out that I hurt back in January, lacking a lot of strength as the pruners were not doing their job properly.

Other then that on Sunday, we didn't do much. Okay so I did bake bread, update the puppies photos on the website, few loads of laundry, a huge pot of black eyed peas and ham shanks, and tried my hand at making my own roasted red pepper and garlic hummus. Alec was in Des Moines for the shows-I'll save that commentary for a post tomorrow. We did manage though to snap this cutie of the gang taking a siesta after dinner....

Later gators...

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