Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pain in my neck

And Phoebe's too.

Sigh, it's been one of those weeks. When it's not one thing, it's definately another.

Pete's in season, the boys are driving me NUTS! Shall we create more chaos? Cora is in too--so for those of you keeping track, yes Eddie's so happy too.

Tulis and Phoebe were wrestling outside, not unusual around here. Unfortunately, this time around it ended up with a hurt grandmother-of-all dog. Phoebe is dealing with a pinched nerve and/or a muscle strain in her neck. Doc put her on some good drugs for the pain and swelling, but every time she turns her head the wrong way we hear a shreak that goes right through ya. So as of tomorrow, she's also wearing a child's cervical collar to keep her from turning her head to far or too fast. This is the same dog that as a puppy had a sensitivity to her neck, so I can just imagine what this is like for her to be really hurting. The collar has to be worn for 6-8 weeks. And then it's simply rehab and a harness to wear the rest of her life.

Let's top this off with being pulled into the middle of something so common sense that it makes the mind spin at where the situation has ended up. Sometimes I think helping is overrated. Shame too-makes you wonder what would have happened had nothing been done in the beginning? It's also made me really step back and reanalyze some of my plans for the future and current relationships. Some things have come to a streaking halt-it will not nor ever will happen now. Some of those relationships are done, no longer have a place in my life for those attitudes, or behaviors. I'm honestly ashamed to be associated with some of those involved. Really, it's such a shame.... sigh.

This weekend, thank GOD it's the weekend, we'll be meeting with an old high school friend who is getting started in the dog show biz. Laundry-that's never ending. Clean house--I must, I will find my table in the study(and take it's broken self down to the basement for repairs). Hum, I think some baking is in store as well as getting ready for a short vacation to MO for a dog show!!!!

Oh and puppy breath-eyes should be opening up, which means I have to have the puppy pen ready for Hubby. I have a feeling when we are gone to MO, they'll start escaping.

Later gators.... oh and hug your puppies....

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