Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Up to my ankles in b...

So what do you think I'm up to my ankles in? B..... well in one area, it totally is the stinky, rotten, bull produced stuff. Some people are just spewing it around right now and man does it smell. It's almost to a point of making me ill. The term my s**t don't stink, seems to be applying to this situation.

But really, it's up to my ankles in b....... basement water! Yes once again, my interpid sump pump had a hissy fit. Not the pump exactly, just the float which got stuck and wouldn't let the pump cycle.

Alec was getting up at 3:30 to go to work, came upstairs and said-basement flooded. After a little jiggling and moving the pump around, it's now working fine. My feet, prunes. My toes, no feeling in them. Basement, less than 1/2 inch of water. Now before you all go OMG, the floor isn't level, so it's only 1/2" here, some on this side wall, under the pile of dog crates and under the freezer. Few other spots too. Got a lot of it squeeged up, soaked up and the fans are running as well as the two dehumidifers. Yes we have two of them.

Few things to wash, not much. But have to alternate between the washer and the dehumidifer as they are sharing the same electrical outlet.

Add in that I had a meeting last night, got nothing done. Meeting tonight till late, so nothing will get done. Tomorrow night, pack for show, wash dogs, pack the Big Tow. Friday-gone till Sunday night.

At least the basement doesn't smell, it was simply ground water. Sigh, but this other stuff, it's kind of like that skunk smell when you run over one, it just never seems to go away. This stink will be following a couple of people around for ever. Hope they learn to like it.

Later gators...

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