Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recovery mode

I so wish I had new photos of the gerbils but this last weekend was spent trying to get a handle on what the heck is wrong with G-G Grandma Phoebe's injury.

Short pupdate before I go into the rest, all but Ringer has his eyes open, but I do suspect that his will crack open today or tomorrow. Their ears are well opened and they now rustle awake at the sound of the door opening, human footsteps towards the pool and a rousing chorus of "pup, pup". Chalice was the first with eyeballs shining, and the first to attack the toys in the box, the first to growl at her sibling and the first to bite and do that oh so funny head shake on the siblings butt. We now have real puppies and not gerbils! It always amazes me just how much changes in 24 hours once the eyes and ears are open. I promise, photos will be taken before we leave for the show this weekend, but has to be done betweek 4-H dog class, kennel club meeting and battling the mud.

On to Phibbers.

Cervical collar was causing more pain issues. Took it off. Still having issues with significant muscle spasms and panic attacks. She even stopped eating on Saturday night. So what do we do? Investigated getting her a thundershirt or anxiety wrap. Figured we'd start with the ace bandage wrap first.

No need!!! We took her off the tramadol as of yesterday morning and that's the issue. It was causing her episodes. She still hurts, but is wagging her tail now, eating again and actually running around outside. She can't go up and down the stairs, so until the ramps go in, she'll get carried. Man, what a relief.

Weather update----forecast for mud..... ugh.

Later gators....


Taryn said...

Have you considered trying an anti-inflammatory like metacam and some muscle relaxers? Those two in combo go a long way toward relieving spine pain and spasms(assuming the disk isn't ruptured)...

Hope she's back to normal soon!

Cindy said...

Metacam is usually my first choice but Doc wanted her on this first. I'm waiting for a call back(she's in surgery) and will get the metacam this afternoon. It's not a disk or pinched nerve as we originally thought, torn muscle from her neck into her shoulder. As in she's not a young as she used to be and can't wrestle like that anymore! Hard lesson for her to learn.