Monday, March 5, 2012

RIP sump pump

So on the way back through a horrible, unexpected snow storm yesterday, I missed the important phone call notifying me of a death in the family. Seems the sump pump that left me with water in the basement earlier in the week, died. David at 6pm on a Sunday night was off to the hardware store for a new one. Sigh, if it's not one thing, it's another.

4 1/2 hour trip from St Louis took 6 or so. I must say that even though the roads were dicey, Rebecca was far worse off-broke something on the RV, which then intaled a fire in a wheel well and emergency lay over in Ohio for the night. What we won't do for a dog show?

Quick wrap up on the weekend:
Saturday-Connor BOV, Tegan BOV and Group 4! Derek was WD for a major(I think it was Derek). Chip and Cara both looked pretty but just not the right style of dog for the judge.
Oh and it was a taped show, will be aired at a later date on one of the big networks!!! I think you can see some replays of the live streaming on line.

Sunday-I might mention that my arms were killing me, 18 roughs to groom both days, ugh.
Connor BOS, just too much dog for the judge.
Tegan BOV, Derek WD/BOW!!(I got to show him :). Jett-Alec's special, BOS, Brooke WB, also shown by Alec. Duke, RWD
Chip and Cara, once again, just not the right type for the judge or should I say, moved too well for her? Sorry, but movement just didn't seem to be what she wanted. Moderate and a perfect silhouette was the choice of the day.

The surprise-juniors. Ms had to sub in a dog on Sunday because Connor was in the smooth ring at the same time as her class was in. So who did we pull out? Well of course, her pick puppy, Chip. We all were getting ready for the circus. Okay, Chip is a very outgoing dog that loves the dog shows, too much at times. He's also a teenager and has hormone brains. This is a typical moment in the ring with him.....

Hum, bait, yum. Stand pretty....oh ..... wait....
Furry Small Dog....
Oh the pretty lights, sigh......
GIRL!!!!!!!! Wait, no......
Bait,yum. Stand pretty, give ears.....SQUIRREL!

Rinse and repeat.

Ms got into her class late-National Anthem screwed her up and the classes ahead of her were either absent or went the speed of light. She's got the teenage wonder and guess what, with no practice at all, managed a 3rd place in a big and hard class. Woo Hoo and she said" I'm not doing that again!" Uh huh, I see more Chipper in her future. Imagine what would happen if she actually worked with the big dork!

I'm also sick, wonders never cease, it was time with everyone else around me having gotten it. David sliced his hand open, which when I looked at it at 10:30 last night, needed about 5 stitches, which he didn't get and too late now. GGGam Phoebe is doing well, still not perfect but better. Eddie and Cora have a date with Doc today and the Puppers??? OMG, loving each and everyone of them. Photo shoot tonight, so will post things tomorrow.

And now....back to work....ugh...

Later gators...

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