Thursday, January 19, 2012

People are so predictable

Alternate title: I told you so!

I’m a people watcher. It’s similar to judge watching at the dog shows. You pick up on trends, styles and preferences. Store that info for later. In the general people watching category, I’ve had the chance to discuss how predictable some people are. How they act, what they do and what their next step is. For some it’s like physics-for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For many it’s cyclonic, yeah, like a Dyson. Heehee.

I’ve been using the term or wanting to use the term, I told you so, so much lately. There are people out there I’ve said it to and they admit(umhum, Ms P??) I should listen to you more, you were right all along. Then those that I just look at, shake my head and grin, knowing I told them what would happen and they are still shocked and deny the truth.

The most interesting ones are when I can walk by with the knowledge that even though I could have warned them, I chose not to. That type of person would never listen, so why bother. Clouded by their own loathsome attitudes, they think that I’m only going to say something to them to screw them over. Yeah right, that’s exactly what I do, all the time-not. So I get to sit back and watch them get screwed over, rant, rave, cuss and swear about how badly there were treated. But no, still not going to listen or see that it could all have been prevented.

What I do find sad though, is that in the cyclonic nature of some people, they never seem to get hurt, make it so that they come out on top, regardless of who else they hurt-people or animals. Supposedly in it for the love of the animal, but in the long run, really they are in it strictly for themselves. People who get in their way are trashed, hurt and ridiculed to no end.

Unfortunately the other aspect of that type of person comes with a price. The horrible crash and burns you see, you end up being the cleanup crew. Take in the misunderstood and maimed victims. Again, it ends up being all about them with not a real care in the world about who is hurt. You can't do much more then watch as they do it over and over again, predictable like I told you they would be.

And on a lighter note…. I’m getting the bumper upgraded on the truck! Expecting 6-8 inches of snow so it’s Prius Pushing time once again! My brother, the sheriff’s deputy, was ragging last winter about how every time he was out and about during a winter event, he always got stuck behind those damn cars. They cannot navigate the snow or ice worth a damn, slow traffic to a crawl and cause massive accidents because the people behind them get stuck or what not. Prius’ are not a winter weather vehicle in the Midwest! Side note: Okay, I love the economy they offer, but sometimes they just need to stay in the garage.

Anyhow, funny part is that, my brother's complaint rings very true. We started taking notes and yes, everytime we were running errands, traveling home, we had one pull out in front of us, or ended up behind one at a stoplight on a hill. This winter has been no different. New game isn’t slug bug, it’s the Prius Punch! I dread ending up behind one of them more then the crappy weather itself!

Well, buckle up, it's going to be bumpy ride for the next few days-people and weather wise!

Later gators…


C-Myste said...

Ah yes. I love my 5-year-old Prius. But when there is real winter weather like this weekend in the PNW . . . I drove the Element.

It helps to have the luxury of multiple vehicles for different purposes. But not everyone can do so.

Lani said...

I beg to differ. I've had my prius since'04, and it's been great in the snow. Not for unplowed roads, but we haven't had any problems. Maybe it's just the drivers??