Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Me, myself and I

Why I breed dogs?

For me. Not for someone to have a pet. For me. Not for a potential show pup to try and place and have shown. For me. Not to fill a void in the market. For me.

I breed because I love this breed. Everything about them makes me happy. The clownish personality. The big floppy ears on a puppy. Feet that still make you wonder if they will ever grow into them… at age 9. Intensity when working. Wanting to please their person yet the ability to think independently. The couch snuggler and pillow stealer. The ratter, the skunk cornerer, the eater of horrible things, the vaporizer of the tissue box and the muddy foot prints on the clean carpet.

I breed to create the perfect dog, according to our breeds’ standard. I’ll never actually have the perfect dog-structure, health, temperament, something is always wonky. But to attempt that with each decision I make, is to improve on the generation before and get closer to that goal.

I breed not to place a pup in someone else’s home, that just happens. I don't do it because I’m thinking that someone else will want one of my puppies to show or do performance with. I breed because I want my next generation to show or do performance with. I’m picky, out of 12 pups, there might be only one that I want. Doesn’t mean the rest couldn’t be shown or finish their championship or add something to someone else’s quest for the perfect dog. But I will always keep what I feel is the very best for my program, for me. If you want one of my pups, I know you’ll come calling sooner rather than later. I am much happier placing the rest of my pups in loving family homes where they are spoiled rotten and the center of their families lives.

I breed because I’m selfish. For me. Not for you. I never claim all my pups are show potential. For me only one or two may be and those are my show potentials. And sometimes what other's think is the perfect litter, has nothing that I consider show potential-for me. That doesn't mean it's a less then quality dog, just means I didn't get what I wanted out of that breeding and it's still a perfect companion for someone else.

I breed when I want to. Not because I have a waiting list of people who want one. Though if you are willing to wait till I do breed, you’ll be the first person I call when I’m in puppy breath heaven and am ready to share that with you.

I breed knowing that it’s a lifetime commitment. If you have one of my dogs, you know that I’m there for the whole ride. Call me at all hours, send me photos, hilarious stories to laugh at and we'll both cry when something horrible happens. My dogs are my four legged kids and when you take one home, we become family forever.

The low down being, I’m a selfish person. I’m more than happy to share with others, but when it comes to my dogs, my choices and my breeding, I put my dog and my decisions first. Don’t take my rights away and tell me how and when I can breed. And most certainly know, you don’t come first, my dog does.

Later gators....

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