Friday, January 20, 2012

Nah, didn't work?

First, please excuse what looks like someone strangling the dog, but you don't put Dove on her back willingly and this is the dog that manages to avoid every photo op, unless she's asleep. Add in that she is carrying a tiny bit of extra weight around the middle, which makes laying on her back hard. Lastly please note, Dove is a tubey, skinny girl in regular weight and I fear she's her mother's daughter-carries all the babies up in her ribcage till the very last day.

But I'm still not sure if the breeding took? Just joking! Let's just say Kim wanted to make sure that it took and I won't even mention how many times she breed her-eghads, I'm having flashbacks to the Dirty Dozen! We've still got like 3 weeks? Or is is 2? Again, Kim's fault, I have a huge due date window. Xrays the first week of February-we'll get a head count then.

Wish us luck! Headed to the snowy Des Moines shows this weekend with a herd in tow. I'm hoping that Alec remembers to pack adult beverages, we might need them!

Later gators....

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