Monday, January 16, 2012

It's a tie

So the Pete saga continues. And luck has it, the weekend meant I could supervise the little bugger. Well, I didn't so much as supervise but sic'd the EBD dog on her. Lace has in no mood for her shenanigans.

I would guess that's one for me on Saturday and on Sunday, same thing, just let Lace deal with her. There were some constant arguments abouts who sits in what chair. Not really even a true argument, EBD basically looked at Pete and said, mine. Pete said, yes ma'am.

Talk this weekend revolved around the Ms turning 14--yes 14! Soon to go and get her driver's permit and then driver's ed so she can get a work permit and start working for Doc. Then I started panicking about how high my insurance rates will go-gulp. I'm not ready for this yet.

Then we discussed her plans for 4-H this year. Horses-check. Chickens-check. Ducks-check. Dogs-hum. I suggested Charlie needed to go through classes, Alec is now rolling on the floor laughing. "So which voice does he listen to on recalls?" Poor Charlie. Then we talked about Pete, she's doing agility and pre-novice this year. We also talked about EBD and well, I think she's ready for open? This after I had the flashlight on my lap, she walked over to me, said can I have that please? I gave it to her and she walked off with it, depositing it in her pile of toys in the dog bed. Eddie gets drug out for showmanship, which means that we can't pack his pj's away just yet.

This morning, the battle begins anew. I left with Pete getting the snot beat out of her by a preggers Dove. Frank grumbling at the end of the bed--you touched me. Then the look of-why are you leaving me with them?

Later gators....

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