Friday, January 13, 2012

Pete 2, Me big fat 0

She's got just one more chance today to prove she can be a bedroom dog during the day. Though I hear her crate calling her.

After arriving home yesterday, noting what was displaced, disboweled and beheaded in the toy department, I gave the pointy headed little twirp a pat on the head and said good Petey.

Heading to bed, I went to pull my pillow, no wait, Hubby's pillow from under the sheets and it fell out of the pillow sham.

Yes, she did. Tore the zipper out of the sham! Luck has it for me she didn't do anything to the pillow itself, a large squishy feather pillow. I know it was her, you can always see her - what me? nah, was Frank--look when you ask why she did it. Rolls her eyes, airplanes her ears and sinks back into her lazy boy with a what ever sigh.

This one, she's a challenge.

Later gators...

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Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Don't ya just love the "what?" looks? Even at 4 Ruffles remains the best at it. The other day I caught him red pawed with my clog. He looked at me with the "what?" "I don't get it?".