Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fox in the hen house

She's back!!! Last winter we watched a lovely pair of red foxes cavort at the south end of our corn field. They tested the waters by coming closer and closer to the dog/poultry yards. Unfortunately, during our spring walk about in the pasture and fields, the found the body of the male, curled up under some bramble. We figure he had been hit by a car.

During the spring treks to the fair grounds, we were so happy to see Mom and two kits romping in the bean fields north of the house.

We think that either she or one of the youngsters has taken up residence in the barn just west of our pasture-same den site as used last year.

Yesterday I was informed that one of them came within about 20 yds of the dog yard, before the alarm sounded. Seems Mr and Mrs Road Runner were also having a walk about yesterday, touring the field, the garden and really pissing off Chip. So now we are going to have to be extra diligent with the feathered stock, to keep them from becoming the main course for the little red dog down the road. Luck has it that the horses tolerate none of this type of creature, so as long as we keep the south fence secure, dogs on the left, horses on the right and the Mediterranean's in the pen, crossing paws, nothing happens.

Later gators....

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Taryn said...

I just posted about a fox, too!