Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Okay, so here's what they really look like. And yes, that's about a day and half worth or what happens when you collect in the morning one day, the evening on the next. The color of the blue egg is just not justified with the photo.

Later gators...


Dawn said...

Thats really pretty. How many birds do you have now?

Cindy said...

I've lost track! Let's see, 4 runner ducks, 3 cayuga ducks, 3 yearling ancona ducks, 5 3 yr old's.
Chickens-2 buff brahama's, 2 welshsummer hens, 2 roos, 1 salmon amerucana, 1 blue aracuana hen, about 1/2 dozen golden wyandottes hens, 1 maran cross hen, 3 red star hen, 1 pair ancona chickens and 2 amerucana roos.

I think that's it?