Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ears to you!

I love my dogs’ ears. The Hubby always commented about wanting a blanket that felt just like his labrador’s ears. I just love the shape and colors that come in…
Of course there are the “paint brush” ears, we have several of those....
Then there’s the super fuzzy ones….

Non-fuzzy blue... Brindle in all shades...
Red that could be a tich bigger
Sable—wait, those are tipped.
How about hairy tipped ears?
We have also an identity crisis in our house-to tip or not to tip?
Where are her ears? Brother's ears....
Holiday ears...
And just some honkin’ big ears.

Later gators...


gsk said...

Wait a minute! Is that Jeff-fa-fa up there?

Also, glad Monte could be one of your big-ears models!

Have a merry Christmas!

-Greg, Kayleigh and Monte

Cindy said...

Let's see in order of appearance: Hope and either Arlo or Frank-I think it's Arlo.
Evil Blue Dog aka Lace
Tannat(of the Dirty Dozen)
Petey and Marg
Frankie and Connor
Oh the little puff-Della
Bear and brother Frank
(can you tell I love Frank's photos? even with his tiny ears??)
Annie in the reindeer ears(again of the Dirty Dozen)
And last but not least-Gryf(another Dirty Dozen sibling)
I had so many more that I wanted to add, but it will wait for another post.