Monday, December 19, 2011


So the egg saga continues......

I have 13 dozen eggs in the fridge at this moment. The Ms is collecting about a dozen a day. The dogs love to trip her up, 'cause that means cracked eggs and extra goodies for dinner. $2 dozen or $3 for an 18 count carton. .25 off for carton exchanges. Seriously folks, you gotta buy some eggs from her---I'm running out of room for all my Christmas goodies! The freezer is packed with baking projects. The crispers have all kinds of fruits and veggies stored. It's been too darn warm to use the "garage fridge" aka storage shelves. I'm thinking about freezing eggs, but no room!

I so need to get you guys photos. Right now it truly is easter egg heaven. She's got white, buff, cream, brown, speckled, blue and green eggs. Chicken and duck. What we can't figure out is this-thought we lost the cayuga hen this summer during the heat, but now getting jumbo khaki green eggs? In the duck hut too. Me thinkest we mis-sexed the black ducks. Think the Ancona chicken hen is now laying as the basket contains medium sized white eggs-should be the only white egged hen out there. The golden wyandottes are sitting fools-they get grumpy when you shoo them off the communal nest. Polly the buff braham is laying small buff colored eggs--with double yolks. And a surprise to us, she's got a blue Araucana hen who's laying the most beautiful blue eggs. Her other hen is a red/salmon Amercana, she's got green eggs.

The joke this weekend was that we needed paint and I want to use "eggshell", haha, not that "eggshell" this one, holding up one of the many odd ball colors from the carton.

Later gators...

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