Monday, November 7, 2011

Woolly bears

Susan over at Chickens in the Road was commenting about the state of the woolly bears this fall. They seem to be saying a horrible, long, cold, snowy winter. I think mine say the same!

I don't see any brown bands in the middle, do you? Looks pretty solid to me.

Close up for the biggest woolly bear in the pasture-Glory. They have very thick winter coats already. Even Mooman, who at 32 or so, looks great. He chose not to have his photo taken this morning.

Later gators...


Taryn said...

Fun seeing pictures of your horses! It always amazes me how long they live! 32 years is a long time. Too bad our dogs don't get that long.....

Katharine said...


I really like this pics and also horse because it gives very interest to me.

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Thanks for sharing

ANNA Smith said...

I go through your post and i like your over all snaps and also saved that snaps in my desktop pics.
ANNA Smith
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