Monday, November 14, 2011

Kalamazoo, zoo, zoo, zoo.....

I gotta gal in ......Kalamazoo! Ever had a song run through your head to the point of madness???

I love Glenn Miller. Have tons of the cd's and listen to them, really loud, when I'm cleaning house, cooking, etc.

But man, this song is stuck in my head. And only because my first trip there was so much fun!!

We headed out on Friday to the Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids shows. Nice drive, long, lots of vineyards lining the roads. Couple wrong turns, one missed exit and finally, road construction. But we made it!

Saturday we went over to the show site to meet up with our favorite collie breeder, Rebecca. Then it was brush, spritz, brush and more spritzing in the cold. Did you know you can hold a pin brush with mittens and do a darn good job of grooming. The scissors are a little harder to hold though. And chalk-it blows every where. Swirling mini tornado's of chalk, very interesting.

So what happened on Saturday? Connor was BOV. Charlie was WD for his final points! And a major to boot! Tegan was select in roughs and one of the tri boys was WD. All in all, not a bad day. We spent the rest of the day boarded up in the RV watching a "24" marathon, munching on spinach dip, marinated chicken, mashed potatoes and manwich.

Merlot also came along for the weekend as she was headed to her new home in Ohio. Tracy and Kathy got baptism by fire-holding rough collies for us ring side at their very first dog show! Thanks for all the wonderful help and even more thanks for giving Merlot a wonderful retirement home! We'll toast to her this next weekend.

Sunday-we showed late and totally had no motivation to get up. RV was just too darn toasty. But the temps outside, other then dealing with wind, were great! Connor took variety again, nothing in roughs and we waited and waited and waited some more for cardigans. I think Rebecca was in Ohio before we showed! Charlie became a show dawg-he gaited great, had a happy outlook on life, gave great ears to the judge--who played with him too. Of course the happy got a little out of hand, as we bounced on the last go 'round, but oh well. Select for 2 points and a competition win. And that folks, is more then likely all he'll get towards his grand. Off to rally and obedience Charle's of the many voices, we go!

So my guy in Kalamazoo, zoo, zoo, zoo is our 3rd official bred by champion, 5th unofficial(as some of Moose and Russ' points were from the puppy classes) and 5th generation "weiner"! Oh and Connor is 24 points away from his Silver Grand Championship!!!!

Now to figure out where my shoes are in the big tow!

Later gators....

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