Monday, November 7, 2011

What's all the stink about?

Lovely windy weekend. I'm not a person that likes windy days, until last night when the wind died down.

Last round of potty runs for the dogs and they came in smelling non-heavenly. Yes folks, time to drain the pits and inject in the field next door. For those non farm folks, we live near a large hog farm. They also own/rent a lot of the land around us. In the fall, they drain the manure pits and run huge hoses to the fields and run a special plow that injects the liquid into the soil.

You can see the roller that all the hose sits on and the one long one stretched over the hill.

The tractor to the right is the one with the injector on it. In the center is the pump. They must have 10 miles or more of hose, gotta be 1' diameter, all over the place.

I swear I smell as I sit here at my desk this morning. It takes about a week for it go away.

Later gators....


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