Monday, November 7, 2011

Welcome to Chateau Quack!

It finally made it to it's permanent spot! After a month of waiting for the "landscapers" to come and remove the corn, pulling fence posts, and waiting for it to dry up some, Hubby hooked up the log chains and drug it into the pasture. Got it almost perfect the first time, took four of us and some rollers to move it 1 foot sideways but it's there.

The poultry yard is currently in a state of disarry with all the construction. Next project is to install PVC fence posts on the south end, new fencing, move the corner post, move the gate, well you know, rearrange it all!

With the addition of the new building, the yard is now about 15 wider and easily 30 foot deeper. Notice everyone inspecting the area.
And of course a butt shot. We need to do some remodeling inside-remove the roosts and nesting boxes-those go to the Chick Chalet. And of course my agility equipment needs to be moved to storage for the winter--that's tonight's project.

Later gators...

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