Thursday, November 3, 2011

Forgot-weekend in review

My brain is in a fog-coming down with something, not sure what, but honestly forgot about a short update on last weekend's Halloween Trail events.

As usual, Camp Hitaga puts on a darn good show. The Hitaga Archery club loans out their targets for the event so as we drive in we pass a huge cobra or two, some assorted dinosaurs, a bobcat, grinning bear and oh, the bats hanging from the trees. Jack-o-lanterns lined the roads and trails. Everyone was done up in their best fright gear. The Mad Scientist Lab, Haunted House and Craft Lodge were all a buzz with activity.

Friday night there were about 125 kids. Lace, Moose and Emmet did an outstanding job teaching dog safety. Lace is the ever great-why you don't pet a dog on the head-demonstrator. Moose did his greatest trick ever-death roll corgi and got umpteen belly rubs for it. Emmet got his first taste of creep costumes, bouncing kids(didn't really like that part) and tons of pets and scratches, under the chin of course.

Saturday we had 4 more hours of the trail, but first we trooped to Monticello to visit my favorite JT Hadderway's, then down the block to the hardward store where time has stopped. I mean seriously, I saw things in there that were genuine antiques with 30 yr old price tags on them. Then over to the antique store, Thesien's and home. Quick lunch/dinner of pizza and off we went, loaded with a few extra dogs this time.

Merlot and Pete were added to the mix as 4 hours of teaching does a dog in. Lace was getting bored and Moose had started herding the kids with the best smelling treat bags, into a corner.

Merlot LOVES doing these events. We did work a lot on sit stays, but she did a great job of subbing for Lace on the head petting part. Pete-this little girl amazes me more and more. A mini-Moose, she adores kids, rest her heads in laps and none of the costumes, masks or noise ever bother her. Emmet played cute and adorable and got better with each group of kids.

I think we had about 400 kids through on this trip and that's 400 more kids that understand how to behave around stray dogs, how to pet and introduce themselves to dogs and a few that aren't as scared of them as they used to be. Good job Canine Ambassadors!!!!

We ended up at home, tired, slightly chilled and ready for bed. And Sunday, that's exactly what we did. Slept in and not much else for the day--of a migraine, which totally explains why I'm feeling worse each day this week--darn bug.

Later gators....

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