Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Go back to bed!

Ever have one of those days when you feel like nothing is going right and best to just crawl back in bed and call it for the day?

Alec’s having one of those weeks.

His non-hurting wisdom tooth started hurting on Saturday. He’s got surgery scheduled for the 9th because he’s currently in Pennsylvania and heading to Georgia for the week.

Saturday two bolts broke on the rear tire of the big tow. Got those fixed on Sunday.

Kristine had a work change and was not able to get to our place till late yesterday. Originally supposed to leave for PA around 10ish Monday morning.

She called from North Liberty at 7:30 last night, suv is not running right. David and Alec head down where Alec will pick her up and start driving to Ohio for the first stop on the trip.

David drives suv to KCC where come to find out, tranny is gone.

My dad comes out, load up suv, take to his place and drop.

David arrives home at 11ish, too awake to sleep. No idea when he finally went to bed.

No word from Alec as of 8:30 this morning(9:30 their time)-Rebecca emails wondering if he’s still alive.

Just got a short text-sitting at Rebecca’s new house. My question? Did you make the stop in Ohio as requested?

Now we wonder what will happen on the way back?

Did I mention that I have to go to St Louis this weekend to drop off one of the girls? And that the other girl came back in season after being in earlier this fall. And that Eddie is available free to a good home if the 4am howls don’t stop. And Frank too. Not Charlie, he hasn't a clue and is actually the only one eating. Go figure!

Rounding out the day, the humans(and Pete too) in the house had eggs last night for dinner. My stomach firmly told me not to even think about it. I went and sat in the other room with my new scentsy light on.

Later gators...

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