Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I live with turkeys

Big ones.

The rule in the house is that there is no Christmas talk prior to Thanksgiving. I mean seriously as soon as Halloween is over, the stores skip Thanksgiving and go straight to trees, lights and ho ho ho.

I'm a no no no person.

The Ms and Hubby are a pair. Those of you who have met them, know exactly what I'm talking about. They feed off each other. I'm embarassed to be in stores with the two of them and routinely ditch them. One of their little gags is to shout out "CHRISTMAS LIGHTS" all year long, when ever they see some lit up. They are more then welcome to do it when together and I'm not around, but especially before Thanksgiving, it's banned in the truck when I'm riding along.

Last night after another great riding lesson(Thanks Dana!!!!) we had to go get dog food, Charlie food and of course cat food. On the way home, they started a new game. And I might disown them both.

Instead of "CHRISTMAS LIGHTS", it's now "THANKSGIVING LIGHTS" and the other person goes, "GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE" and they explained that those people are turkey's for putting up their lights so soon.

I've had it up to hear with turkeys. We're having ham for dinner tomorrow.

Wishing all of you and your's the blessing of a thanksgiving filled with joy, hope and answererd prayers.

Later gators....

The Head Turkey

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