Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chicken vs the Egg

I don't think I've really gone into depth about the whole egg thing, at least here. Few of you know the sordid details but so the rest of you are in on the horrible, terrible truth, here it is.

I can't eat eggs.

I love eggs. Over easy, lightly scrambled and soft. Hard boiled. In a meatloaf. Cooking a custard is one of my or was one of my favorite things.

We have ducks laying right now that have the most enormous eggs that have dark yellowish orange yolks, rich and perfect for baking.

Chickens are going nuts too, laying in the duck nests. The Ms easily gets a 8-10 eggs a day.

I can't eat a one of them.

A fried egg makes me cringe. Pumpkin pie is off the list now. I'm searching out recipes without eggs. Make a lot of wacky cakes. Avoid angel food cakes like the plague.

3 years ago I came down with what we thought was the end all beat all case of the flu. Four days to which my lovely son asked me daily-do you need to go to the emergency room? After surviving that and swearing off ham and eggs(you know the stuff you got sick on), I was good to go. Till a year later and it was even worse. Come to find out it's not that I'm allergic to eggs, but seems my gallbladder is.

You would not believe what eggs are found in! I've been trying to be a good girl once we figured out the issue. Sort . I test my limits on occasion. I can eat cakes with eggs in them, but not brownies. I still cook my meatloaf using eggs mixed in to bind it but can't eat anything using an egg wash before it's cooked, baked or fried. Yolks are better then whites. The pumpkin pie about killed me on Thursday night but nothing a good glass or two or three of wine didn't help numb. It's more about how the egg is cooked, the ingredients it interacts with and the quantity. I'm becoming a food scientist!

If any ones interested, the Ms is selling eggs now. Free range, naturally feed. The dogs are enjoying eggs on their dinner too. But I'm still running out of room in the fridge-last night we counted 13 dozen.

So remind me why I got chickens?

Later gators....

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